Is Munchausen’s the cause behind Parental Alienation?

Published by: Daveyone on 25th Mar 2010 | View all blogs by Daveyone


I watched a documentary the other evening reviewing the case of Beverly Allot and how this trusted nurse working at Cottage Hospital near Grantham Lincolnshire ( Margret Thatcher’s home town) was able to murder 4 children in her care, attempting to murder 5 more and causing grievous bodily harm to a further 6 small children and babies.

The subject of Munchausen’s was raised as the fundamental cause for Allots actions as someone who wanted to attract attention and sympathy toward herself from a young age and in later life she was to transfer her personality disorder on to others and sadly small vulnerable children at which point her illness has become ‘Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy’. I ask are there correlations between this and Parental Alienation Syndrome and I recall this being discussed on John Hemming’s Fassit forum last year?

When I came before District Judge (now HHJ) Pearl at Watford when she was hell bent on unraveling a perfectly sound joint residency order and ample contact order I had spent most of 2004 negotiating and ordered by her college the now retired HHJ Vilgeon. By 2005 I was acting as litigant in person and as most will tell you, you feel like a lamb to the slaughter as you entre the courtroom and on one occasion I tried t justify my ex’s irrational behavior by suggesting Munchausen’s but this was dismissed as none existent by the judge and her barrister in a snide piss take indicative of this bias and bigoted judge who along with my associate Sam Halimond will do my utmost to reveal her like and I hope to get  struck off . I was also told at this time that Judges that maliciously do down the father most likely get promoted and as you see this was the case and she did not even complete the task or our case she so wistfully reserved and her lackey DJ Rhodes had to complete the deal!!




Having said Munchausen’s did not exist , on my ex’s ‘advise’ she ordered that if I were to see my kids again I would need to undertake a psychological report so travelled to Bury St. Edmunds at the mothers legal aid fee for such an examination. I spent several hours in consultation and asked if he was aware of Munchausen’s which he assured me did exist and seem most rife in family issues. Upon return and presentation to the judge of this report she recognized the report was more damaging to the mother and thus was deemed inadmissible although Pearl did recognize there were issues as they were at the mothers door she would do nothing and I was able to carry on enjoying contact with my children for a further 2 years in spite of the antics of my ex until September 2007 when she has willfully withheld my children ever since and there is nothing I can do about it , court orders are not worth the paper they are written on as they cannot be enforced on the mother!

This week, at the risk of being arrested, I handed my son a birthday card as he went into school as I thought the school closed for the Easter break and his birthday is during that time, having only seen him 4 times in the last 30 months I did not recognize him even though he was arriving with his mate who I did recognize, this kind of heartbreak I would not wish on anyone.  





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