Mar 24th

Houses of Corruption!

By Daveyone

Liberty will not reveal her eye's until justice has been served WORLDWIDE!

Are we still in this together Mr. Cameron? SHAME!

So more scandal surrounding politicians ? There’s a surprise, NOT! This cash for access story just confirms my suspicions that most of the politicians in the three major parties are just self serving pigs with their snouts firmly in the trough. “We are all in this together!” My ARSE! Jon Gaunt


I thought we were all in this together, I even noticed Osbourne suggesting that a 3rd runway may now be possible at Heathrow, does that mean Richard Branson has had the PM’s ear of late? Daveyone

The Time For Revolution is NOW!

I have become cynicle and even a little jaded after 8 years of witnessing Family Law injustice both first hand and hearing others accounts from around the world, so it comes as little suprise to see this lame duck Government desend into everdecreasing circles with it's bodgit and fixit method of leadership. Brian Clough got it right in 1974 when he said all politicians fail during their term of office then have the audacity to expect you to vote for them again!
Last November David Norgrove published his so called Family Justice Review and unsupriingly us dads were rated valueless as we have for many years, but more distressing to me was when this same foolish civil servent went on to regard Grandparents as equally unworthy of taking care of their children in time of family crisis prefering, one assumes, to see children forced into irreversable care!
It is also noted that the budget of this past week saw those who are now retired and have contributed to the system for 50 or 60 years becoming a soft target of the chancellor when they have little chance of improving their standing in the world this late on in life.
Even more alarming is the way Cameron/Lansley also think it funny to reduce the NHS at a time of an aging population and leaving the most volnerable of our citizens litertly out in the cold. Once again I remind both these highly privalaged individuals that those in most need of care today are the one who have paid the most into it since it's inception in 1948, and I believe the only reason will not tackle this issue head on is because they fear being targeted as racist! Well nonsense Mr. Cameron and in fact after the Second World War Britian sought and recruited immigrant workers from the Commonwealth especially the Carabean and they too are now in their twighlight years and deserve the level of service they contributed to. Today the cost of NHS care has escalated so now more then ever it should be directed at those in most need and why should an elderly lady be put on a waiting list for a hip replacement when an East European migrant can travel here with his 8 month pregant wife and take advantage of free hospitliation? If our borders are so porous we should at least tell would be immigrants they are welxcomed to seek oppertunities here in the UK, but need to make provision for at least 5 years private healthcare, and unemployment insurence so they do not become a burden on a system that should serve those who have contributed to it, whilst recognising those here in the UK today should make provision for some kind of health insurence to supplement the shrinking NHS budgets! This if done over time would prove less painful in the short term!

It is also rum too that those who fought in the Second World War and liberated all of mainland Europe from the tiriney of Nazi occupation now watch the Fedral Republics of France/ German European Union obusing their power and moving the goal posts for their ends and rarely adhereing to ageed European directives, whilst we in the UK do and are penalised for it surely the time is now for us to pull out of the so called European union and for our political masters to adopt Churchillian/Thatcher strength of charictor and stand up for the British people instread of rendering hardship on us whilst pouring ever more money into the money pit that has become the EU!  This is obscene when our old do not get the care they deserve!
The other area this 'Collision' Government has lost the plot and I assume a gutless leadership coupled to the 'hanging on the apron strings' Lib-Dem pact means they can say their hands were tied into inaction ( I wrote just before the General Election that the Lib-Dems should disband and the most ambitious should pin their alligencies to the main party closest to their political aspirations. What I didn't account for was David Cameron, at a time this country needed another Churchill we end up with this wimp, who in opposition said nothing to stem the incompitence of the party opposite so has no right to slate them now. They should have been the ones to highlight the time our former prudent chancellor was going to sell the nations gold reserves and throwing money around simply to bulster his own populatrity whilst hiding the incompitent and corrupt adminstration he went onto lead!
2 weeks ago Cameron went cap in hand to the US President asking if we could tap into our fuel reserves so we could alter the price of crude oil and in turn the astrinomical pump prices we all face on a daily basis and like the mention of Argentina the Whitehouse quickly brushed this under the carpet in the Oval Office ( Just who are they to dictate terms to us? and as for the first Lady before lecturing us on the children in our inner cities perhaps she should take a closer look at her own Nations Child Protection Services that do not live up to expectation for millions of children throughout the US)

Prime Minister (yes just reminding myself) David Cameron should have the balls (nothing to do with Ed either) to grab the bull by the horns and fix the UK ecomony for the benefit of Britian! It is rich for the EU to bleat on how uncompetitive we are if we impose a tax on cheap booze when nothing is said when all our frieght is held up at the docks because France goes on general strike preventing our goods reaching all parts of Europe as a consiquence. Therefore in spite of uncooperation from our special relations and certianly not having to account to the unaccountale buerucrats of Brussels we should  be determening our own way in this global economy and a quick solution is cheaper fuel!
I am not full hardy to suggest a gallon of petrol should be just £1 but why not offer fleet operators in the  haulage industry, public transport and black cab operators a reduction in duty even if this was just for the coming financial year. Help should also be offered to other commercial concerns including sole traders whilst the private motorist should be encouraged to seek out other economical means to travel which could include cheaper fares on fuel tax reduced bus operators, something the young could also benefit from in their pursuit to seek work. The benefits of reduce fuel duty on the road haulage industry would be felt almost immediately on the factory floor and supermarket shelves as a boost from extra purchasing and more competative trading would put us all in better stead for the future!
Has this Coalition Government got what it takes to imporve the lot of it's citizens in this optimistic year of 'Jubelympics?' and perhaps we could all be as up beat as our impoverished ansestors who struggled trough similer tough times when Her Majestey took to the throne 60 years ago  

Just who is ruling Britian today?

Mar 9th

Family Law Week: Meeting Our Opponents Head On!

By Daveyone

Researching Reform has just had a fun chat with barrister Jacqui Gilliat,

 one of the lovely lady editors of the Family Law Week blog, a very good resource for all things family law, not just for lawyers but for non-lawyers too and they are looking to invite people to write for them on family law issues.*
Yes, Family Law Week Blog is on the lookout for guest posters and although they are interested in hearing from practicing solicitors and barristers they are also hoping to involve non-lawyers too.
From social workers, to psychiatrists, family members to independent organisations and pressure groups, if you have a topic that fascinates you and want to share your thoughts on a very well read and highly respected blog across the board, all you need to do is get in touch with Jacqui by posting your interest on the Family Law Week Blog or if you'd rather let us know by posting below, we will forward on your interest to Jacqui.
Family Law Week: Meeting Our Opponents Head On!

Parental Alienation/Child Abuse

* Perhaps alienated children should be at the top of the list of Contributors to this and alienating parents held to account for their action's that devastate the short period of time that is childhood!