Sep 30th

Non attendance at Manchester Protest!

By bookworm548
Only one person turned up to the Manchester protest today! 
I openly admit that at the last minute, I couldn't turn up so I arranged for someone else to run things for me.
Apparently, that person never showed up and one friend, Serena, attended alone!
I sincerely hope more of us show up for the 6th October one in Liverpool! I'll be posting that event later guys.
It needs more & more of us to make a stand as a united front!!
Please parents/grandparents, come and make your voices heard! 
        Ramona Green  
Sep 18th

Let’s Give Cameron a Headache in Birmingham ~ The Event!

By Daveyone

The Event

Let’s Give Cameron a Headache in Birmingham!

September 28th to October 1st 9:00in the mornin'

The ICC Birmingham

cam vote

4 million kids without a father family courts are at war with dads plain and simple

Cam head

Sep 12th

Seperated Parents? FCLU want to hear from YOU!

By Daveyone

We have been requested by the press to locate a couple that is going, or has gone through, an insanely litigious and costly divorce process and allow to be interviewed and state their experience of being taken by a system of collusive lawyers, judges and experts all lobbing grenades to create conflict for cash to line their own pockets at the expense of kids. 

Keep the stories coming. They are pouring In. Only way to stop the fraud is to give the industry a black eye. Thanks all. To reiterate: Please contact Greg Roberts with all stories of Family Court Fraud and Corruption at 

We need one page summaries of your case stating when it started, case overview, number of motions, costs, duration etc. Keep it non sensational and keep to facts that are easily supported by court docs. Please put name, contact info, county and state on the top. I need as many as I can get for a growing investigation which will be part of a televised expose'. Nothing submitted will be broadcast without official approval from you. Thank you

The stories are pouring in. Thank you. Keep them coming and take a stand against family court fraud. The press and I strategized today and we want to include post divorced couples that will allow to be interviewed and state their experience of being taken by a system of collusive lawyers, judges and experts all lobbing grenades to create conflict for cash to line their own pockets. At the expense of kids. Step forward folks. You don't have to be in the same room as your ex. Send to No submission will be used without formal authorization.

Sep 12th

Calling Australia & New Zealand ((URGENT))

By Daveyone
Some years ago I was introduced via AM by Jeremy Swanson a researcher from Canada ; Robert Kenedy who travelled to London and interviewed me on Family justice matters, well he wants to talk to those going through this in Australia & New Zealand and I would urge you to help him as best you can he is a great Guy!

Doing Interviews and Research in Australia and New Zealand on shared parenting and related areas

Good Morning From Canada,

I am doing research on fathers, shared parenting, and related areas. I have been working on this area for about 25 years, mainly in Canada. I am now looking at the Global Shared Parenting movement and would like to do interviews with those in Australia and New Zealand. Please let me know if there are those you are in contact with who are interested in being interviewed.

If you are interested in being part of the book and sharing your views on the Family Law system, the Fathers’ Rights/Parenting Movement, and
related issue, that would be very helpful. I am interested in interviewing fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and others
who have been impacted by the Family Law System. All interviews will be confidential and those being interviewed will remain anonymous in
any written material.

More specifically, I am interviewing parents, grandparents, and others, as well as those who are concerned about men's health. I am particularly concerned about about stress experienced as a result of separation and divorce as well as issues related to suicide ideation and suicide.

I have published the following works in the area:

Kenedy, R. (2004). Fathers For Justice: The Rise of a New Social Movement in Canada as a Case Study of Collective Identity. Ann Arbor: Caravan Books.

Kenedy, R. (2006). Researching the intersection between collective identity and conceptions of post-separation and divorced fatherhood: Fathers for justice, fathers for just us, or fathers are us? Qualitative Sociology Review, 2 (2), 75-97.

Kenedy, R. (2011). Moral panic: Male studies and the spectrum of denial. New Male Studies: An International Journal, 1 (1), 52-60.

Kenedy, R. (2014). “Do Fathers Matter? Post-Divorced Transitions Regarding Mental Health and Suicide Ideation Among Fathers in a Canadian Context”. In R. Kenedy, (Ed.) Senator Cools’ Roundtable and Symposium on Family Dynamics Proceedings Senate of Canada. Published by the Senate of Canada.

I have just booked my flights and will be in Auckland from Sept 18-19, in Wellington Sept 20-21, Dunedin Sept 22-23, Queenstown Sept 24-25, Sydney Sept 26-27 and Oct 1, and Wollongong Sept 29-30th.

If you are interested in being interviewed please let me know as soon as possible, as I will be leaving Wednesday Sept 10th and will have limited and unpredictable access to e-mail.

All the best,-- 


Robert A. Kenedy, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
124 Winters College
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
416 736-2100 ext. 77458
FAX 416 736-5715


Aug 27th

((ROTHERHAM)) : Just The Tip of The ICEBERG!

By Daveyone

The latest revelations concerning Rotherham County Council and more especially their Children's Department is only scraping the surface of not only a National disgrace but a Worldwide epademic!



Portrait: Tomorrow's front page looks at the horrific betrayal of 1400 children as revealed in a damning report into a paedophile ring in Rotherham.

 I would lay down a  CHALLENGE that ALL the Council's in the UK have skeletons to hide when it comes to Child Welfare and when the TRUTH is exposed it will eclips the horrors of Savile!

Click on the headings below to tell local and national media you experience's with Social Services, CSF CAFCASS CAMHS and the like;


Blitz the media on Family Law Injustice!

LBC                                                       BBC London

Commercial Local Radio                                       BBC Local Radio

Guido Fawkes give clear political message to Shaun Wright


Could Baby P and others have JUSTICE at last?

Sharon Shoesmith>>>,


Why has so little changed since my first blog Thursday, 29 October 2009images (87)

"We will learn from our mistakes so this tragidy can NEVER happen again and move on"!

We seem more concerned for compensating Failure!

They never learn it WILL happen again but they always move on Davey


        Cameron hols

Yet all the Press and Politicians will do is ridicule those who have been trying to warn us!

 A Worldwide rotating earth photo: save earth save life saveearthsavelife.gif    Epidemic!

Jul 8th


By Daveyone

Dads who don’t live with their children are being frozen out by schools – despite laws to tackle the issue. A major new study has also found many schools are “hostile” towards estranged dads, who are edged out of their children’s education. Campaign group Families Need Fathers Scotland said the ingrained attitude is out of step with Government guidance on how schools should engage with dads. Last night Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said it is vital steps are taken to ensure strong father figures in childrens’ lives are enshrined. He said: “It’s important this organisation continues to campaign on that front. The more information there is available, the more we’ll be able to correct the situation in future.” Families Need Fathers carried out a major campaign to highlight the issue in 2011. However, they claim little has changed since then, and a new, soon-to-be-published study has found many councils and schools are not adhering to guidance on how schools should engage with dads. Fewer than half of councils contacted by the group provided details of their policy on schools engaging with non-resident dads. Just two councils – Edinburgh and South Lanarkshire – have specific initiatives to tackle the issue. Only six were able to provide figures on the proportion of children whose parents do not live together. The vast majority of councils also said they don’t have any published guidelines for head teachers on non-resident dads’ involvement in activities such as after school clubs. In some cases fathers have wrongfully been denied school photos of their children or been excluded from having input to their learning. Ian Maxwell, national development manager for FNFS, said: “There’s been a real lack of progress. Some councils and schools are trying their best but the majority have a long way to go. How do councils hope to make effective plans to include dads if they haven’t gathered basic statistics?” Figures show that as much as 31% of children in some regions do not live with both parents. Campaigners argue the lack of effort of some schools on the issue is in conflict with the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.

This legislation had highlighted the need for schools to reach out to non-resident fathers in particular. FNFS said it is aware of one case where a school lied to a dad when he tried to get his child’s school photo, denying one had been taken. In another case, school staff ripped out a form asking for comments from parents or guardians at the back of a report card before sending it to a dad. Ian Maxwell said that when couples split up it is often left up to non-resident parents to try to establish contact with schools. He said: “The onus is on them to tell the school who they are and that they want to be involved in their child’s education. Often the attitude of school reception staff can colour the relationship for good or ill. “It is not uncommon for the school to check with the resident parent before acknowledging the status of the non-resident parent. “The legislation and guidance makes clear the resident parent should not have a veto on the school’s engagement with the non-resident parent.” A spokesperson for Children in Scotland, which campaigns on behalf of young people, said it has produced a briefing paper urging MSPs to engage with councils to ensure improvements take place. They added: “We hope, too, that local authorities and schools will review their policies and procedures to ensure staff are aware of fathers’ rights to be involved in their children’s education.” The Scottish Government said it is working with partners across health, education and the third sector to ensure there is proper engagement with dads.

The Rt HonMichael Gove MP  The Rt Hon David Laws MP

    Secretary of State for Education               Minister of State for Schools  

Daveyone has had first hand experience of this.

In spite of having attained a Joint Residency order, equal contact and Parental Responsibility in 2004 my ex partner has withheld contact with my children since 19th September 2007, although I have seen them 3 or 4 times in that time as they live nearby. My eldest is now 18 and has left school so is getting on with life, my concern is for my youngest now 15 and having been absent for much of the past year and missing all his crucial exams. I was alerted by the sudden stopping of Parent Mail which was my only contact into his world and having attended his parent evenings thought this absence issue had been overcome. When I expressed my concern to the school I was told, after some fobbing off, that they were not at liberty to tell me as it breached my sons data protection and I now believe I have exhausted the Schools complaints procedure. Due to their ages I will allow my sons to contact me if and when they choose to do so, but I am concerned however by the absence from school by my son who was described as intelligent enough to have attended secondary school 2 years before he left primary school and the cavalier way the school has handled this matter seeming to enjoy the fact they can keep me in the dark with immunity ! Why has he been allowed to be absent so often? Why has the Mother, who has assumed sole care for him, not been brought to book? What can I do to ensure my son is able to continue in a fulfilling and enjoyable time in his life?

          Matthew Hancock MP                                   Lord Nash
Minister of State for Skills and          Parliamentary under Secertary of
Enterprise.                                                  State for school (Unpaid)

           Edward Timpson MP                                   Elizabeth Truss MP
Parliamentary under Secertary of     Parliamentry under Secertary of
State for Children and Families.          State for  Education and Childcare.

Jul 7th

#M25Blockade~24th July~For The Children! @FubarRadio @jongaunt @BBC3CR @BBCLondonNews @BBCLondon949 @BBCEssex @LBC

By Daveyone

PLEASE HELP US TO ACHIEVE A FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO ALL ASPECTS CONCERNING THE TREATMENT OF OUR CHILDREN IN THE UK. Parental Alienation. Child 'Stealing' by Social Services Family Courts Missing children. Sentencing of Sex Offenders. Legal Aid for Family matters Paedophile Networks, Pharmacutical Testing Equal/Shared parenting Institutional Abuse ... name a few. The Authorities have been fully consulted and Emergency Services will be allowed to do their job. NO BANNERS FROM BRIDGES PLEASE ITS NOT SAFE STICK THEM IN SIDE CAR WINDOWS BUT NOT OUTSIDE USE CAR STICKERS We are having many film crews include the journalist Sonia Poulton and we need you all to broadcast the event via u tube live or other media channels please send me a copy after to be used in a documentary. CHECK OUT THE DELAYS ! This must be a peaceful protest ,the organizers take no responsibility for the actions of others, we must not break laws, and respect any, reasonable ,request from the authorities. [youtube] JASON THORNE Hertfordshire Police is appointed liason officer and is now discussing the route with all relevant police forces. MEETING AT ... M25 SOUTH MIMS ONLY PLEASE

AT 10AM ANDY 07827731060 Thanks to the 'bikers guide' ( see the July events page and then scroll down.) Tax the cars make sure they have mot tyres with in legal limits insured. We will not break an laws on this event trust me we are going to stick to the road traffic act but it will be fun. We have a week of protests in London 19th to 26th July 2014 The 70 year old who is walking for justice Sid Hingerty walking from Glasgow to Brussels. and grandparent parachute jumps.! Vigil / Picnic / Protest in Soho Square.London on Thursday 24th July.3pm Friday July 25th conference in London's Holloways Road at the Resource for London Center 9 to 5pm. Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice. The Parents Join Forces No more children stealing by the uk Social Services ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Imagine the scenes, if all major highway networks throughout the UK were blockaded by thousands of motorists on the 24th of July . You didn't need much time to organise the petrol blockades did you? Organising something like this is just as do able. All major motorways and A roads are blocked. How many long distance lorry drivers do you know that have had their children stolen by the state? Start talking to them now and ask them to apply the same tactics as in the fuel crisis back in 2000. If we are to get the Governments attention and I mean full attention, then we must demonstrate how much power we do have. We are the people..We are the parents. ....Thoughts please.

Imagine blocking the entire road networks with protesters in their cars, vans, motor homes and lorries...? This will send the Government in to a blind panic, you protest about fuel duty, poll tax,Bedroom Tax and blood sports but what about the children? All major roads blocked EXCEPT HARD SHOULDERS ( these must remain open for emergency personnel.) It must be done peacefully. The mission is to get the whole country to stop working and bring disruption and chaos. Petrol prices, poll tax and blood sports matter but NOT as much as your children do. All this taking place on the same day.JULY 24th 2014 You have the choice whether to work or not but, you didn't have a choice when they come to take your children away.... "CHOICE" - an act or instance of choosing or opportunity to choose. The child had no choice about going with the $social $services...... choose to get behind the blockading of all major highways in the UK. M25, M4, M5, M1, M23, M6 etc......this would cause major disruption around the country. Spanning from Lands End to John O' Groats. This is the ultimate choice, one that does not require you to think, only act. Bringing the country to it's knees will make the PM panic. Forever hearing about strikes by NHS staff, emergency services and rail services but, what if the country went on strike, nothing would get done. At least we would have succeeded in getting their attention. Thoughts please. Will you save Thousands of children being stolen every year with no rights forced adoptions parents alienated against each other and the children. Andrew peacher 07827731060

Jun 15th

#Father's Day for the alienated #Dad

By Daveyone

I don't know about David and Golieth more like Custer's last stand!

 Dear  Member of Parliament
 As you will recall I took matters to Family Court throughout 2004 as my children, whilst very young, said that in spite of their parents separation they wanted to see as much of both parents as possible and by October of that year I was granted Parental Responsibility and a joint residency order with equal time for contact with each parent . This I hoped would serve till my children reached secondary school thereafter they would choose their own contact arrangements. Sadly the mother sought to disrupt matters from day one (The very reason I went to court in order to enshrine it in law) culminating in a total withdrawal of my children on 19th Sept 2007 in spite of the contact order (Not worth the paper it was written on let alone the £35,000 it cost me and the legal aid afforded to the mother).

I will never get those childhood years back to be part of my children's upbringing and whilst I have been scathing about child services/CAFCASS in the past at no time did they ever render me an unfit parent. After 10 years of venom being dripped into their ears daily it is unlikely I will ever re-establish a relationship with my children and as it is clear they do not want this now I will not return matters to court . However the one lifeline I had into their alienated world was via the school Parent-mail system and to date I have attended every parents evening which is quite heart-rendering when you do not see your kids. Last month I noticed Parent-mail messages had stopped .so simply asked the school why? What then transpired was beyond belief, besides being fobbed of by the reception staff it took 2 days for someone at the school to respond as the receptionist said they were not at liberty to talk to me. When I finally got through to the deputy head a meeting was to be arranged and confirmed for the following week, in the meantime my youngest child's report was to be sent as this too had been omitted. I noticed many cases of absence and that he had not attended any exams with all results marked absent .When the deputy head called to confirm a meeting for 2 pm last Friday

I expressed my concern as to the amount of time my son had been away from school as I thought this was an issue we had dealt with a year ago and was assured by the deputy head and head of year I would be kept informed, as I heard nothing I assumed all was fine. None the less I was expecting to meet with the deputy head plus either the Headteacher or head of year but instead was greeted by the deputy and ushered into an empty classroom , I thought this matter deserved more attention but once I started to ask about my son I was told the school's solicitors had advised him to say nothing and not answer any of my concerns in spite of me having PR and that I could be prosecuted for their cavalier attitude on absence but more to the point why in this overrated OFSTED school ( If OFSTED was able to make spot checks it might reveal some home truths) allowed the mother to keep my son home when they live close to the school and seemingly with immunity? Later I did ask the police to make a welfare check on my son to ensure he was being cared for and was OK! "We need to respect your sons data protection, so we cannot tell you any information about him!"