Apr 3rd

Judges call for security in family court rooms after spate of attacks by angry parents Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne

By Daveyone

  • Family courts are the most 'sensitive and volatile' yet poorly protected
  • One judge was threatened by angry father hurling antisemitic abuse
  • Sometimes judges are in the courtroom alone with a parent


Family judges across the country fear attack in court by angry parents because of inadequate security, it emerged last night.

A number have spoken out following several incidents of mothers and fathers attacking judges in court – including one female judge who was seriously injured.

They have taken the unusual step of speaking out in the hope of preventing further violence at the Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD) in central London as well as district courts around the country.

Judges told of parents shouting threats at them, as well as throwing books and cups. Read whole item ; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2252733/Judges-security-family-court-rooms-spate-attacks-angry-parents.html 

Davey says;
In the near history we scoffed at the antics of the KGB in Soviet Russia and before that the Gestapo of Nazi Germany but for those of us who have had first hand experience of the secret closed family courts  this is how you feel you have been treated. If the press and public were privey to their workings you would be suprised by the sex discrimination bias and incompitence which if occured in view of criminal courts public gallaries would see many so called legal professionals being struck of and court reporters being degraded as scapegoats! 

Judges, barristers solicitors and the rest hide behind the Hitler inspired phrase ' in the best interest of the children' whilst they use this to say these courts are 'sensitive and volitile' whilst taking your parental rights away so why not use Child A, Child B, Family XYZ, to protect those involved after all they called Peter Donelly 'Baby P' for weeks after he died so who were they trying to protect? I do not condone violence or anti semitism but what would you do when your children are at risk? and all the judges I came before were Jewish so where is their emapthy?

Feb 12th

FOCUS ON JUSTICE in NY Feb19th 2014 @DaveyoneF @BoycottFamilylw RT & SHARE

By Daveyone

PROTEST the broken Family Law System and biased/incompetent Judges in NY

NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will be speaking at an event at John Jay College in Manhattan at a lecture "life after exoneration" We feel that this would be a great place to protest and get our message out. It is honorable that the Attorney General is speaking at this lecture so I ask that anyone joining us show respect. We will be sending out a press release and hiring a video person and photographer. The press may be there covering the event as well. Please bring a sign or in box me and I will bring one for you.

We will be leaving Long Island at around 6:30 AM from Smithtown. If you want a ride, again, please send me a message

Guest Speaker : Linda Kase Gottlieb

USA Flag photo: USA Flag_Heart2221112111111112222222223.gif
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 West 59th Street, New York, New York 10019  MAP

Operation: Correction NOW!

February 19, 2014 there will be an event at John Jay College in Manhattan where Attorney General Schneiderman is supposed to speak. The Facebook page for the event is "Life after Exoneration".

My suggestion is that we show up and protest about the injustice in the Family and Divorce courts. This should be a sympathetic venue and audience for our cause. It is an event that might be covered by the media or we can try to get media coverage. We do not want to upstage the worthy cause of the exoneration of the innocent. The incarceration of the innocent is morally reprehensible. But "abducting"children away from parents and severing the ties between a parent and a child are morally reprehensible also. I feel we need to start taking the message to the public in many ways and this is one of them. let's try to encourage parents and activists to be at the event. Thank you.

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Jan 20th

UNITE to FIGHT against INJUSTICE in 2014!

By Daveyone

ALL individuals, groups and organisations should work together and fight the same FOE;

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            We must succed in 2014 
Jan 9th

I Have Corrupt Family Courts In My Sights!

By Daveyone