Feb 27th

Stop Malicious Torture

By Tosin

I Have Been Kidnapped and Detained Including Torture For Over Ten Years By Local Authorities and Medical Professionals.

I am a victim of psychological and physical abuse and harassment in the community for the past ten years. The bad experience starting when I went to a psychiatric hospital for stress treatment, after I left the hospital my life never be the same again. I have been targeted by the psychiatrist doctor that treated me in the hospital, Local Authority, Social Services, Local Police, community, and including community service servants. Most of it, in year 2008, I was pregnant when my pregnancy became eight months and two weeks police officers came to arresting me in my flat without doing anything wrongs or committed any crime, they lock me into the mental health hospital, and the people in the mental health hospital beat me up with my pregnancy, and gave me very strong injections after all these activities, they carried out an operation with my pregnancy and my baby taken away immediately. There was no record to show that police had been in my place and arrested me, I was only found out when I made complaint about the bad experience. However, I followed the court procedure to get my son back, I did not tell the judge what so-called people have done to me in the hospital before they had my son away, I was just focused on how I could get my son back. After five months of assessment and the good result, I finally got my son back. Since I got my son back into the community I have been facing intimidating, harassment, tormenting and so on. Before we I left the court, there was an arrangement about my son support which was in placed before we left the court, such as a nursery and money for food for my son. After four months we left the court, all these supports were stopped by the social services, even though I tried my best to challenge their decision, but they already made up their mind not to support me any more. However, I will not look at my son to die in huger I ran around to find food for him and staying home 24/7 looking after him. During all this time the social services were not back up they were still disturbing me together with the police.

Another incident, in 2010 the police and the social service turned up and took my son away from me again, after I complained to the Local Ombudsman then I got my son back. Yet, again, In 2011 the social service and the police got my son from me, yet I was succeeding in getting him back. Along the way in 2012 my son starting going to the local primary school, which I was so happy thinking that I will be able to do something to my life too, by going back to college. However, what I have been going through just starting again. After four months my son starting going to the school, the social services had already shared my information around the school, then I was targeted by the parents of other children by picking on me and bully me without doing anything to them, the worst part of the harassment, the air-weapons were shooting at me at the school gate to hurt me. They also targeted the flat I was living, they will be driving around the flat 24/7 making the loud sounds with their vehicles behind my windows, they made concerning any time I want to go out. I tried my best to send complaints to the head of the school about the harassment, but there was not any reply from the head teacher. I reported the issue to the police, but they were not supporting me. When air weapons shooting and harassment not stop and the pains in my body was unbearable, I withdraw my son from the school looking for another school for him. I also sent complaints to the police department to let them know how I have been treated and ignore by the local police.

Along the way when I was trying to get another school for my son, the social services, the police and the father of my son turned up and take my son away from me. After they have taken my son away, they turn up in my flat again arresting me and lock me up in mental health hospital, beat me up, restraining me and injecting me with very strong injections, during this time I called 999 to report the bad experience I was receiving in the hospital to the police, but I was ignored. After four months I left the hospital, by the time I left the hospital I find it difficult to remember things, especially, the course I studied in college for almost five years everything had deleted in my brain by the injections they gave to me in the psychiatric hospital. For all the bad experience I have been going through in the community, I was just focused on how to move out from the environment. I applied for housing, after some months of application I got a flat and I moved in February 2014, with the hope that I will start a new life. I got my son back from his father and I registered in the local school. After six months living in the new environment since August, up-to -date; the organised crime and harassment have started trouble with me again and is so worse than the one that happening to me before. The social service went to the new school, I registered my son and share my information with the school department together with the parents of other children and the same harassment, tormenting, intimidating starting again. They target me everywhere, including my flat using electronic harassment to hurt me, when I am sleeping, when I am cooking, when using the toilet when I am washing myself also when I am eating. These organised crime groups, including the local police, local authority, social services, mental health hospital and so on. They targeted me everywhere and using electronic harassment, including air-weapons, air-guns, electric shock devices and so on to harassing me daily. They use their equipment of harassment to hurt me at the school gate where I registered my son, they use it on the public transport when I am traveling, in the market when I am doing shopping and when I am working on the streets.

They have already placed me under surveillance so that it will be easy for them when they are carrying out the assaults on me. The air-weapons and technology devices they are using to hurt me, have caused breathing problems, massive pains in my body and also repeated shocks in my body, sometime when they use their weapons on me, I will be foaming at my mouth. From the result of their harassment, I have visited accident and emergency departments for about three times in September 2014, I am continuing to seek help from psychologist and doctors to gain a good health, which is not guaranteed. I was shooting with the air-weapons and electric shock devices about five times on the 13/01/2015. After the incident, I cannot walk properly because of the pains that going through in my body. Also, I cannot take my son to school anymore, I have to ask his father to help me and taking my son to school. I always be at home if somewhere I want to go is not very important I would not go out I always stayed in the door after the attack on 13/01/2015. Even going for shopping, they make it very hard for me. For staying home, these so-called organised crime groups will be driving 27/7 behind my windows, making awful noise and systematically carry out the assaults, using commercial vehicles to vibrating the building just because to introduce pains and suffering for me. I have turned around, seeking for help, but there are no-any changes in the harassment I am going through. I am just being lucky for placing this petition by now they have been trying to shoot me to death with their air-weapons. I have evidence to back-up all the information I provided in this petition. Therefore, I will advise people to sign this petition so that these perpetrators will be exposed and they will stop harassing innocent people like me.

Also please, help me go to link; http://chn.ge/1InCbLf?recruiter=167966589and sign my petition for me.

Many thanks

Oluwatosin Adedira

Feb 27th

Make Self-Serving Politicians & State Sponsored Media Listen!

By Daveyone


              Self-Serving Politicians & State Sponsored Media regard Family Law & Child Welfare Reform as a Taboo subject~~~~ Let us change this NOW!


Phone Ins ~ Local Press ~  National Press ~ International Campaign!







Feb 25th

Rape and custody

By sunshinejenny


I know every family court is not corrupt, I know there are good Judges 

This is my experience along with 457 other woman I have met in the last six months...It is getting worse..

I do not know where to turn, I need a family court attorney in Chautauqua County NY who is all for justice. 

 I am a single mother who was drugged, raped while unconscious and impregnated by her dentist of ten years.  When my daughter turned 4 the perpetrator met a young women got her pregnant and decided he no longer wanted to pay child support on his rape child so he used our family court system and money to take my daughter from me.  For the last eight month's he has emotionally and mentally beat my daughter down.  I was told from (his lawyer to my lawyer) "If I dare take him back to court for anything WHAT SO EVER I will NEVER see my daughter again."  

As my experience with our family court system, the law does not matter, if I report his abuse I will loose my daughter completely.. I, as well as a few other girls reported this dentist (Ian J Walker) of his on going sexual assaults in his dental office.  In family court this was USED AGAINST ME, THE RAPE AGAINST ME, HIS DR DRUG DEALING AGAINST ME....

 How do these things happen in our country? We wonder why all are children are on drugs??? STOP WONDERING WHY PARAMEDICS AND POLICE HAVE TO CARRY NARCON, if the way my daughters life is going continues at this rate, she will be using drugs and alcohol by the age of 11 maybe 12 years old if I am lucky..   In family court It matters NOT ONE SINGLE BIT if you are the better parent, what the child wants, how they are thriving in their current environment...THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS MONEY MONEY MONEY...IF YOU DONT HAVE IT YOU LOOSE YOUR CHILD TO THE ABUSER..THE ABUSER IN TURN CONTINUES HIS ABUSE ON BOTH YOU AND THE CHILD !!

 I have worked my ass off my whole life just so our currupt family court system and the DIRTY LAWYERS WORKING FOR THE SYSTEM can strip my children and I of everything!!! Our family court systems has robbed; my daughters, my son and I of our good life.  Now I am  forced to; sell more, mortgage more, get in dept more all for our Family Court "pay to play system."

Somebody needs to make changes in our family courts, children are growing up needlessly in; chaos, trama, abuse, displacement, alienation from mothers...I need a brave confident lawyer to stand up for me (the working lower class) make a change, do something to help PLEASE, THIS IS THE UNITED STATES, 


I pray someone can offer some direction, advise, possibly help. If God was not in my life, I would not have survived this situation...I get 4 days a month with my child and because of the "NO CRYING NO WHINING" law at her fathers house my daughter uses those four days to explode with anger and rage.  Imagine watching your child mental and physical health crumble and there is NOTHING you can do about it.  It is the worst pain I HAVE EVER experienced, and I have been through some awful things in my life. 

God Bless,

Sunshine Carroll

Dec 28th

Events in 2015

By Daveyone

Attendees: 1
OCCUPY THE JUDICIARY~ @WashingtonDCRDT OCCUPY THE JUDICIARY~ @WashingtonDCRDT View Event Edit Event Edit Location Upload Picture Invite Friends to Join Message All Attendees More to come - But, save this Date: Law Day Friday May 1, 2015 Starts: 1st May 2015Hosted By: Daveyone Attendees: 1

UK Parents Protesting ELECTION PROTEST 2015 Prime Ministers Constituency Office UK Parents Protesting ELECTION PROTEST 2015 Prime Ministers Constituency Office View Event Edit Event Edit Location Upload Picture Invite Friends to Join Message All Attendees 3 May 2015 - 8 May 2015 3 May 2015 at 12:00 to 8 May 2015 at 12:00 Starts: 3rd May 2015Hosted By: DaveyoneAttendees: 1

Father's Day Protest Father's Day Protest View Event Edit Event Edit Location Upload Picture Invite Friends to Join Message All Attendees Super Hero Dad's Welcome Starts: 21st June 2015Hosted By: DaveyoneAttendees: 1

Dec 9th

UK Parents Protesting ELECTION PROTEST 2015 Prime

By Daveyone


UKPP If a candidate is not an MP he cannot be a Prime Minister,Come convince the voters that David Cameron is not in the best interest of children mums dads and grandparents xx Make a difference camp over show your support,Banners welcome pictues of happy times time to unite against ss cafcass and secret family courts, Any day any time Witney high st 
Chris Tompson GMPP Greater Manchester Parents Protesting UK Parents Protesting 
Sunday, 3 May 2015 at 12:00

Dec 5th

~~Parental Alienation ~~Child Abuse ~~ This Christmas~~

By Daveyone

Christmas scene photo: Christmas Street untitled2.jpg

Christmas scene photo: Christmas scene christmas-scene.gif

edicated to children  withheld  by an Alienating Parent.